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RJS Construction is your go-to construction company for exceptional flooring solutions! Whether it’s transforming your home or enhancing your commercial space, we specialize in expert flooring installations that seamlessly blend quality, style, and durability.

Elevate the ambiance of your home with RJS Construction. Our skilled team understands the importance of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. From cozy carpets and timeless hardwood to modern laminate and versatile vinyl, we offer a diverse range of residential flooring options. Let us turn your living spaces into stylish sanctuaries with our meticulous installation services.

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So when you’re thinking about changing up your floors, there are a few steps to know about. Check this out:

**Removal:** First things first, you gotta get rid of the old flooring, whether it’s carpet, tiles, hardwood, or laminate. This might mean pulling up the carpet, taking off tiles, or just getting rid of the old stuff.

**Preparation:** After the old floor is gone, they’ll check out the floor underneath and get it ready for the new one. This could mean leveling it, fixing any issues, and making sure it’s all smooth.

**Selection:** Now comes the fun part – picking the new flooring! You can choose from things like hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tiles, carpet, or engineered wood. Think about what’s durable, easy to take care of, fits your budget, and looks cool.

**Installation:** The new flooring gets put in following the rules of the people who made it. This might mean using adhesive, nails, staples, or just fitting the pieces together.

**Finishing:** Once the new floor is in, they’ll do the finishing touches. That could be adding baseboards, trim, or making smooth transitions between different types of flooring in different rooms.

Now, let’s talk about why changing your floors is a good idea:

**Looks:** New floors can change how your place looks. Whether it’s fancy hardwood, cool tiles, or soft carpet, it makes your home look way better.

**Toughness:** Old floors can be a pain to take care of and might get messed up easily. New, tough floors last longer and can handle everyday wear and tear.

**Easy Cleaning:** Some floors, like laminate or vinyl, are made to be easy to clean. That means less time and effort spent on cleaning up.

**Home Value:** Changing your floors can make your home worth more. People looking to buy houses like it when the floors look good and are in good shape.

**Health:** Getting rid of old carpets can make the air inside your home better, especially if someone has allergies. Hard floors like hardwood or tile are easier to keep clean and don’t hold onto allergens.

**Your Style:** When you get new floors, you get to pick a style and material that shows off your taste and matches your home. It’s a chance to make your space feel yours.

Remember, the way you do this and what you get out of it can change based on what kind of floors you choose and how your current floors are doing. It’s always smart to talk to the flooring pros to make sure you’re making the best choices for your home. Happy floor picking!

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